I am Milinda Pathirage, a computer science PhD candidate interested in fast data management systems and programming abstractions for fast data querying and analytics.


I used to be a middleware and workflow developer. Now, I work on fast and big data management systems. My projects include:

SARViz: Tool for visualizing SAR logs.

KafkaOnEC2: Ansible playbook for deploying Kafka on EC2.

FDBench: Benchmarking suite for fast data management systems.

WebPlotViz: WebPlotViz is a browser based 3d point cloud viewer that can use in conjunction with dimentionality reduction tools to discover intrinsic structures of high-dimensional data. I implemented the initial prototype and also contributed to the final product.

SamzaSQL: Streaming SQL implementation on top of Apache Samza. Apache Calcite is used for query parsing and planning.

HTRC: Hathitrust Research Center (HTRC) provides services and infrastructre for performing non-consumptive research on Hathitrust corpus. I am working on identity management, security and Docker based deployment automation.

WSO2 Business Process Server (BPS): I was the lead developer and product manager for WSO2 BPS from 2009 to 2011.

Apache ODE: I did the initial implementation of ODE business process monitoring UI.

Apache Axis2/C: I mainly contributed to WSDL2C implementation and also worked on performance improvements.


  • I receive an AWS in Education Research grant for $5000 in AWS credit for stream processing work I am doing as part of my thesis.